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Heated Swimming Pool

Grijani bazen

Naš grijani bazen nalazi se u srcu Grande glamping. Svi šatori i terase orijentirani su tako da imaju savršen pogled na bazen. Možete uživati u kupanju ili sunčanju na ležaljkama i upijati sunčeve zrake tijekom cijele godine.
Kids Playground

Dječji kutak

U našem Dječjem kutku djeca mogu uživati u igri. Razne sprave i oprema pogodni su za sve uzraste.
Barbeque Zone

Roštilj Zona

Roštilj zona nalazi se između bara i našeg mediteranskog vrta. Dopustite da vam pokažemo što sve možete u Roštilj Zoni s nekoliko fotografija …
Heated Swimming Pool

Heated swimming pool

Our heated swimming pool is located in the heart of Grande glamping. All the tents and terraces are oriented to have a perfect view of the pool. You can enjoy a swim or lay down on the deck chairs and soak up the sun all year long.
Kids Playground

Kids Corner

In our Kids Corner children can enjoy some playtime. Various equipment is suitable for all ages.

The Barbeque Zone

Located between our Pool bar and our Mediterranean garden is Barbeque Zone. Let us show you what we mean with a couple of photos…    
Bicycling paths

Bicycling paths

Cycling routes will lead you through the most beautiful parts of this divine landscape. All cycling routes are marked with signposts for easier orientation. Bicycling paths are only 50 meters from the glamping ground. For all the paths please visit https://www.pakostane.hr/en/guide/bicycling-path Enjoy cycling Croatia!
Solana Nin

Story of Salt – Solana Nin

For centuries, Nin Salt’s work gives life. It has nurtured for many generations. It has given many plants and animals a home. Love for the salt has transferred from generation to generation. Even the Roman emperors at their feasts enjoyed the salt’s abundance of flavors. Roman gate, still located at the salt pans, testify of […]
Sea Organs in Zadar

Sea Organ in Zadar

Sea Organ is situated on the western end of Zadar´s Riva, and can be observed as a differently shaped part of the coast which consists of several stairs that descend into the sea.The organ looks like a series of broad steps leading down into the water, but there´s actually very clever engineering hiding under the […]

Garden Resort – Festivals & Events

Upcoming events in 2020. at all Garden Resort venues* Unfortunately due to current global situation majority of the events has been canceled or postponed – visit the link below for more information Hospitality On The Beach / FESTIVAL / JUL09 / The Garden Resort Love International / FESTIVAL / JUL15 / The Garden Resort SunceBeat […]
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